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The First Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning Medical University (called, FHLMU) is located at the Renmin Street,Jinzhou City,which has the convenient transportation and advantageous location. The hospital, with 61603.4 square meters' covering area, is the only one in the west of Liaoning area, which is the national large-scale third-level of first-class hospitals, directly subordinated to the Liaoning Department of Health. The hos-pital undertakes duties of the Medical service, teaching,scie-ntific research, prevention, health care,emergency medical treatment, firstaid, and thunderbolt emergency processing.

 FHLMU was built in 1946 and its predecessor was the 36th rear hospital of Liaoning Jilin military region of Chinese People's liberation Army. In 1949, it was named as the hospital of west-liaoning province. In 1954, the east and west Liaoning provinces were merged as the first hospital of Liaoning province. In 1958, it was named as the hospital affiliated to the Jinzhou Medical University. In 1993, the hospital was certified as third-level of first-class hospital, which signifies the hospital is entering into a new level and stage in various areas. In Nov,2006,the hospital has its name changed as the first affiliated hospital of Liaoning medical university.

FHLMU has its abundant technical force. It has about 1800 teaching and administrative staff, which includes 371 people with high-level title, 53 people with doctor degree, 238 people with postgraduate degree, 120 supervisors for postgraduate and doctor students. 1 person works as the vice director of the Ophthalmologic Academic Committee of Chinese Med-ical Association. 46 people work as the (vice) director committee and 10 mater's degrees gift subjects.The hos-pital owns many facilities, including 128-level CT,ECT,DSA,DR,ACA,1.5TMR, TRFTM,etc. There are 1800 ho-spital beds and it treats and cures over 500,000 patients, 30,000 in-patients and 10,000 surgery patients.

 FHLMU has 45 clinical administrative offices, 4 research institutes, 25 faculty working offices. It has the bone surgery and otolaryngology, which are the 2 provincial professional subjects. The surgery key laboratory is the university key laboratory of educational department in Liaoning province. It takes the cultivating duty for the 600 postgraduate students in Liaoning medical university. In the meanwhile, it undertakes the specialties of medical service, anesthesia, the phantom and 5-level of foreign students and clinical class, class recess and graduation practice. Its year teaching hours is 30,000 study periods, which is the one of the main teaching and practice ba-ses of Liaoning medical university.

In 2009, FHLMU successfully held the celebration meeting of "63rd anniversary celebration of Liaoning medical university and the opening ceremony of new teach-ing hospital ward building". The building is 24-layer and 38,000square meters in covering area. The hospital enlarges the advanced facilities to the fundamental construction and improve the academic dimension, including the over 300 scientific subjects of city, province and country, 20,000,000RMB research funding.The hospital ac-hieved hundreds of prizes and published thousands of articles in the magazines home and abroad.

 The faith of the staff of FHLMU is "construct the provincial excellent, nationwide and modernized hospital".The hospital makes the "Universal love for faith, Striving work for perfection" as its motto to students. The hospi-tal takes the patient as the center, pays attention to the innovation, strengthen the subject construction and exc-ellent service. In 2008, it is named by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions as the' the earthquake relief, rebuilding homeland' working leading organization. It has achieved many honors of Liaoning medical system, such as "faithful service cup", "the advanced organization in the economic construction"," the most respectable and advanced organization" The staff of FHLMU will make tireless efforts, truth-seeking enterprise, scientific de-velopment for the hospital.

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